About Us

Who are we?

Migrasia, founded in 2016, is a non-profit making online platform for domestic workers and employers to rate and comment on employment agencies in Hong Kong. We hope to professionalize the migrant labor placement process by bringing transparency to agency practices, both good and bad. We are dedicated in promoting a fair recruitment process for migrant workers, and ensuring families who hire workers are not taken advantage of by unethical agency practices. 



The Problem Now

Every year throughout Asia, millions of men and women immigrate to find work needed to support their families. This migrationprocess is fraught with challenges, many of which are initiated by unethical and often illegal agency practices. Employment agencies are legally required for the migrationprocess. Rather than representing the best interests of migrant workers and eventual employers, these agencies often manipulate the process for their own financial interests. This can leave the workers in significant debt, violating their human rights, and often leaves the employers without a suitable employee match. 




What will happen to Hong Kong?

Exploitation of domestic workers has been a major social concern in the recent years. According to the migration Department, there are currently 300,000 domestic workers in Hong Kong, which constructs 3.8% of HK's population. The majority of domestic workers are employed through the agencies. Unfortunately, some of the agencies are charging excess illegal placement fees despite the Hong Kong government stating that charging over 10% of their first-month wage is illegal. Despite the fact that the domestic workers are influential in Hong Kong's labor force, the government is ignoring the deficiencies in the recruitment process of the workers.


Such practices will not only disturb the domestic workers but also the employers. The underlying reason is that the agencies are not motivated to offer the most suitable workers to employers as these agencies can charge excessive placement fees again if domestic workers are hired by new employers. This vicious cycle will continue unless there are mandatory supervision against such unethical practices. Because of HK's aging population, more migrant labors will be needed in the coming years. Therefore there is a need for transparency in the migration process, both for employers and employees.